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HD Mastering

Analog Audiophile-Grade Mastering in the best quality bitrates, mastered for iTunes


Advanced Mixing

Analog Processed Audiophile-grade mixing service

Web Development

Web design, Domain and Hosting services, Webmaster training, SEO


Vocals and instruments tracking, reamping and editing


High quality instrumentals tailor made to fit your musical style 


Learn to mix your own songs like a pro


Price displayed below are typical price per song. A better rate is offered if a package for multiple songs is needed. Please submit for a quote to find out more.

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High quality audio

We like to work on highly artistic and complex projects that requires high level of skills, judgement, and feel. Highly artistic projects, concept albums as well as Audiophile-type of albums are very welcome. We love working with unique and audacious independent artists as well as pop artist that are about to breakthrough. 

Quantum Music handle complex projects right from the mixing stage up to the mastering stage. This new mixing service includes an unique control quality system that ensures that every mix that comes out of the studio is flawless and mastering ready.

We first start by working at very high resolution to reduce the artifacts, and then we slowly optimize the final formats so they sound as good as they possibly can once on Soundcloud or others platforms.

We deliver ALL the file formats you possibly need on demand (CD, iTunes, HiRes, Vinyl).