mastering lpeq



Mastering LPEQ is a linear phase equalizer plugin dedicated to mastering. Its design is a collaboration between Quantum-Music and the Electrical Engineering Department of the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Although it was the first collaboration between those two entities, it definitely won’t be the last one. The objective of the project was to build the most transparent equalizer possible using signal processing theory.

The plugin is VST2 (.dll) and VST3 for Windows only. There are currently no plans for creating a mac version.

Special Thanks:

Quantum-Music thanks the member of the EGAl team for their great work:

-Simon Bizier

-Alexandre Brunelle

-Guillaume P. Hébert

-Bouchra Laabissi

Quantum-Music would also like to thank Vincent Lacasse, Jean-François Frigon, Christian Cardinal from the electrical engineering department as well as Guy Hébert (Karisma Audio) for its input.




QuantumVerb is a free Convolution Reverb VST Plugin

Thank you Polytechnique Montréal for engineering the QuantumVerb plugin